gateway to cape lookouT

Calico Jack's Marina
1698 Island Road
Harkers Island, NC


Ferry Boats

Calico Jack's Ferry currently runs four Coast Guard certified passenger ferry boats - a 49 passenger catamaran and three 14 passenger skiffs. The skiffs were completely refurbished and repowered in 2011. The large boat was added to the fleet in the spring of 2012. The ferry boats are annually inspected by the Coast Guard.

With four boats, Calico Jack's Ferry has the capability to run 133 passengers per hour to the Cape Lookout Lighthouse with scheduled departures. However, during peak demand periods on holiday weekends, the ferries are run almost continually and can move substantially more passengers.

The Large Boat

The 45' catamaran was designed for shallow water environments like the shoals surrounding Cape Lookout, and can access the lighthouse on all but the most extreme low tides. The ride is smooth, high and dry. The trip to the lighthouse on the large boat takes approximately 5 minutes longer than the skiffs. Note: The large boat is primary reserved for peak passenger periods or large groups.

The Small Boats

The three small boats have been the workhorses at Calico Jack's Ferry for many years. Until 2012 the Coast Guard allowed 17 passengers on the skiffs. Due to changing demographics, the limit was lowered to 14 passengers in January 2012. The skiffs are fast, maneuverable and are not affected by extremely low tides.

For passengers interested in viewing the wild horses on Shackleford banks, the small boats can access much more of the Shackleford shoreline. The small boats are also used for all outlying drop-off points as well as Shackleford banks


Ferry Boat

Ferry Captains and Mates

All Calico Jack's ferry captains have Coast Guard Masters Licenses.  The Captains and Mates are enrolled in the Maritime Drug Consortium, and are subject to random drug testing.